New Day Motorsports LLC
Pass South Super Late Model Race Team
About us
Jeff Day owns and serves as Crew Chief for the team. Jeff has been racing stock cars for 25 years. He has worked with many notable drivers including Ed Berrier, Scott Riggs, and John Paul Linville. Jeff has prepared cars for competition at over 50 tracks across America including Daytona, Talladega, Bristol and many other Cup venues as well as the short tracks of America. Jeff's duties include decisions on car setup, personnel, procurement of needed parts, travel, and financial matters.

Donnie Stephens has 25 plus years in the motorsports business and brings that experience to New Day. Serving as the Car Chief his duties are to oversee the mechanical well being of the cars. Duties include everything from cleaning the cars to complete rebuilds.

Al Hartman an Airframe and Power plant Mechanic by trade serves as our fabricator. Al has tremendous ability when it comes to sheet metal and fiberglass construction. Possibly one of the hardest jobs in all of racing, Al keeps our cars looking great week to week. His constant attention to detail helps us to find problems before they arise. His race day duties include organization and setup of pit stall equipment as well as loading of equipment at the shop and racetrack.

Greg Adams serves as a general mechanic. Greg has a vast racing background including a spot on the 2006 UARA Championship winning team. Greg's duties include maintenance of the race cars as well as organization of the transporter.

John Morris serves as a tire engineer. His duties require him to pick, mount, and maintain as many as 30 tires at one time! John also spends considerable time on the experimental tire data machine that the team developed. John also maintains the teams two way radio equipment.

Phil Johnson new to racing (at least 4 wheeled anyway), has brought a vast amount mechanical and engineering knowledge to the effort. Phil helped to design and construct the tire testing equipment in use at New Day. Phil also serves as a tire changer on race day.

Richard "Julio" Smith serves as Spotter. Likely the most stressful job on race day. "Julio" calls the caution flags, clears the #62 by other competitors, and alerts the team to mandates from Race Control. Attending the drivers meetings with Brandon is also on his long list of things to keep up with.

Mike Sabiston is a long time racer and joins the New Day effort after ending his own driving career only a few short years ago. Mike is a liaison between the team and  the sanctioning body. Mike keeps up with the hourly schedule and warns us when time is about to expire. Mike also helps with accomodations and picking fine dining for the team when we travel. Mike also serves as team driver when we need to get somewhere soon.

Rick Ward drives the transporter. Rick is Brandon's father and has been racing since Brandon was young. Rick loves his job. Once the truck is parked and unloaded Rick turns his attention to tires. Rick helps John with pre-race tire work and serves as pit board man on pit stops.
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