New Day Motorsports LLC
Pass South Super Late Model Race Team

    New Day Motorsports LLC produces the the highest quality fabricated race car spindles on the market today. Our process is different from the industry standard which allows us to hold tolerances to .010 of a inch. Fabricated spindles are stronger than billet spindles ,which are also very accuruate, because the assembly of several components allows the grain structure to run in different directions. Billet spindles tend to have all the main body made from one block of metal with aligned grain structure. Our spindles are very durable and engineered to be strong enough to take a moderate hit without damage. In the event of impact it is easy to spot damage. The steering arm can be replaced on most spindles at our facility for significantly less money than replacing the complete spindle. When you return the spindle (or new one) to the car the bump steer will be correct barring any other suspension damage! Ask yourself if you can do that with your current fabricated spindle? 
    We currently build spindles for major Late Model chassis builders and we offer aftermarket spindles for Nascar tour type, SK and other type of Modifieds. Our spindles have won countless races and championships across the US and Canada. Got a idea for a spindle? Give us a call and we can offer help in building a custom set for your application.                                   

New Day Motorsports LLC
752 Walkertown-Guthrie Rd.
Winston-Salem NC 27101

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